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Reye's Syndrome

Reye's Syndrome can appear soon after a viral infection especially a flu-like illness or chickenpox. The disease affects children from infancy onwards. Although it does occur in adults, it is rarely recognised after 19 years of age. Children of both sexes and all races can be affected.

Reye-like illnesses are most likely to occur in infants under 4 years of age which may be due to an inherited metabolic disorder.

The National Reye's Syndrome Foundation of the United Kingdom was formed to provide funds for research into the cause, treatment, care and prevention of Reye's syndrome and Reye-like disorders, to inform both the public and medical communities and to provide support for parents whose children have suffered from these diseases.

For details of research funded by the Foundation, please see the "Research"  sub-section under the link tab above for "The Foundation".


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