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Inherited Metabolic Disorders Which Can Simulate Reye's Syndrome


Information providing a summary for most of the Metabolic Disorders which can simulate Reye's syndrome, and referred to in this section can be found by visiting Climb (Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders) website: .This organisation is shortly to be renamed "Metabolic Support UK"

To find a particular disorder click on to "Inherited Metabolic Disorders" which will reveal 
"A-Z of Inherited Metabolic Disorders".  Climb provides up to date information in a non technical language, including brief summaries to pass on to family, schools and friends. Further information is also available about each condition from Climb.  This organisation provides bespoke support to health professionals.

For those disorders not listed by Climb, a reference note about the condition will refer the reader to another source of information eg 'Genetic Home Reference' etc. 

The 26 identified Inherited Metabolic Disorders which can simulate Reye's syndrome (referred to in the "Introduction" to the "Reye-Like Syndromes" section) are listed under the following sub-heads viz:-

  • Lipid metabolism
  • Amino Acid Metabolism
  • Carbohydrates Metabolism
  • Other Defects

NHS Choices provides information in respect of the following inherited metabolic disorders which simulate Reye's syndrome viz Isovaleric Acidaemia, Maple Syrup Urine Disease, and Medium-Chain Acyl CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency.

For links to these three NHS websites see "Resources and Reports" relating
to "Lipid Metabolism" and "Amino Acid Metabolism"

These listings are updated by:-                                                 
Dr S. Olpin MSc PhD CSci EUSpLM FRCPath                                                                   
Consultant Clinical Scientist in Inherited Metabolic Disease
Sheffield Children’s Hospital UK

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